When selecting your ICT partner, check the fine print. Ask questions such as notice period, call-out fees, travel costs, exclusions and service level agreements. With NORRCOM we keep these things simple, our service contracts are just like our approach. open, honest and straight to the point.

The NORRCOM team: At your service

At NORRCOM, we value personal relationships that are based on trust, mutual respect and professionalism. When you join the NORRCOM Network, you will have direct access to all members of the NORRCOM team. We have network experts, WiFi & BYOD specialists, application gurus and general all-around tech geeks, all at your service. Not to mention Paul and Christine Norris. It’s our company, our reputation. We’ll ensure 100% satisfaction.

Every one of us at NORRCOM will know your school, your hardware/software, your tech support person (and the hours they work). When you call, we’ll respond with every available resource. We are always on hand when you need us. It’s the NORRCOM Promise.

Just imagine

Common sense ICT solutions, Cost-effective computing, Trouble-free operations, Sensible plans for the future. Yeah right – wishful thinking at best. That’s been the experience of too many schools. It doesn’t look easy when for so many years it’s been a never-ending spiral of costs. But NORRCOM makes it easy because ICT, done well, delivers on the promise.

NORRCOM: Honest, up-front and plain-speaking.

Complicated, complex words often carry hefty price- tags. Not with Norrcom. We believe in providing you with well-conceived options that are explained clearly. And solutions delivered on-time and within budget. ICT is our passion. We enjoy delivering technology to schools and businesses with professionalism and good humour. Why? It’s simple. We like making a difference. We’ll provide honest recommendations on the right technology. We can help install and maintain your equipment. And we’ll help you keep current and plan for the future.

We are professional, friendly, and, just ask our clients, good at what we do. We have been providing ICT to the education sector for years and understand what it takes to deliver networks that work as promised. We’ll ensure that you get the right equipment and the right support at the right price. Anything less is simply unacceptable. That is our guarantee.