BYOD - Work the net anywhere, any time from any device

Today’s switched-on population - you, your staff and everyone else - use smart phones, tablets and laptops to stay connected. But tapping into the internet and by extension, your corporate LAN via these devices is expensive and not very safe. You can realise significant savings by providing a fast and secure wireless internet signal to everyone in your organisation, regardless of their device or location. It’s called BYOD (bring your own device) and it is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. And NORRCOM knows how to make it work for you.


NORRCOM’s best-of-breed BYOD technology will empower you and your staff to use your own devices for work. All of your enterprise applications (finance, email, ERP, Office and more) can be available to the right people, in real time, on the mobile device of their choice. Our experience with Wi-Fi (wireless internet) means that we have what it takes to build industrial-strength BYOD implementations. Let us show you how.

The BYOD advantage

BYOD is changing the way we manage our lives - personal and professional. Smart phones are ubiquitous. Everyone has one. Everyone uses them. So why not put all that user enthusiasm to work? BYOD makes sense for you and your organisation. BYOD is affordable - NORRCOM can add BYOD capabilities to your Wi-Fi network quickly, easily and at a cost you can afford. BYOD is secure - You control who can access which corporate and on-line services. NORRCOM can create secure but separate networks to keep work and private separate but equal. BYOD is expandable – At the office, at home or on the road. With NORRCOM’s BYOD solutions, your staff can stay connected to the corporate LAN virtually anywhere. iOS, Android or Microsoft, we support them all. BYOD is empowering - Everyone is glued to their smart phone screen already. Why not put your corporate LAN in front of them as well? Indeed, many enterprise apps are optimised for smart phone access.

It’s not a question of if you need BYOD. You do. Nor is it a question of when. You need it now. The only question is how. NORRCOM has all the answers to your BYOD requirements.