BYOD - Work the net anywhere, any time from any device

Today’s switched-on population - you, your staff and everyone else - use smart phones, tablets and laptops to stay connected. But tapping into the internet and by extension, your corporate LAN via these devices is expensive and not very safe. You can realise significant savings by providing a fast and secure wireless internet signal to everyone in your organisation, regardless of their device or location. It’s called BYOD (bring your own device) and it is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. And NORRCOM knows how to make it work for you.


NORRCOM’s best-of-breed BYOD technology will empower you and your staff to use your own devices for work. All of your enterprise applications (finance, email, ERP, Office and more) can be available to the right people, in real time, on the mobile device of their choice. Our experience with Wi-Fi (wireless internet) means that we have what it takes to build industrial-strength BYOD implementations. Let us show you how.

The BYOD advantage

BYOD is changing the way we manage our lives - personal and professional. Smart phones are ubiquitous. Everyone has one. Everyone uses them. So why not put all that user enthusiasm to work? BYOD makes sense for you and your organisation. BYOD is affordable - NORRCOM can add BYOD capabilities to your Wi-Fi network quickly, easily and at a cost you can afford. BYOD is secure - You control who can access which corporate and on-line services. NORRCOM can create secure but separate networks to keep work and private separate but equal. BYOD is expandable – At the office, at home or on the road. With NORRCOM’s BYOD solutions, your staff can stay connected to the corporate LAN virtually anywhere. iOS, Android or Microsoft, we support them all. BYOD is empowering - Everyone is glued to their smart phone screen already. Why not put your corporate LAN in front of them as well? Indeed, many enterprise apps are optimised for smart phone access.

It’s not a question of if you need BYOD. You do. Nor is it a question of when. You need it now. The only question is how. NORRCOM has all the answers to your BYOD requirements.

Why Norrcom?

NORRCOM has been building wireless networks for over a decade. Adding BYOD capabilities has been a logical extension of our core competencies. To others, perhaps, BYOD is a brave new world. To us, BYOD is business as usual.

We work with the top international vendors - Fortinet, Ruckus, Aerohive and Aruba - that virtually guarantees trouble-free operations. With NORRCOM as your BYOD partner, you’ll never have to worry about BYOD performance, security or management. Your BYOD solution will always be there when you need it.

What does it take?

If you run a wireless network connected to the internet, NORRCOM can implement BYOD capabilities quickly and easily. And if you are building a wireless network from scratch, there is no better time to build in BYOD capabilities than now.

The BYOD controller manages your BYOD network. Once installed, we can configure and define the rules, set up permissions and secure log-ins and monitor compliance. We can show you how to manage the system or we can do it for you as a managed service. Either way, you and your staff will be able to use virtually any mobile device for work, regardless of location.

What do you need to know?

Touch your smart phone screen. Open an app. Start to work. For your users, that’s all they need to do to access the corporate LAN using BYOD. We can take care of the rest. We’ll help you define a BYOD policy. We’ll train up your IT support staff to maintain the system or we can manage it all from our BYOD control centre. Either way, the people using their smart phones won’t notice - they’ll be too busy working.

BYOD options - the choice is yours

NORRCOM’s suite of BYOD solutions guarantees that, regardless of your mobile requirements, we can provide exactly what you need to drive your BYOD initiative. We’ll help you identify where and how BYOD can add value to your business processes. We can specify a range of technological options to address your unique challenges. We can manage the system on your behalf or empower your team to take charge. And we’ll spell out everything up front, with full costings, before we start.

The NORRCOM BYOD solution set

NORRCOM’s BYOD partners are the cream of the crop. Combined with NORRCOM’s expertise, a NORRCOM BYOD solution will provide everything you and your staff need to get to work - regardless of location or mobile device.

Fortinet: Fortinet’s FortiGate BYOD gateways are pre-configured to support all of your mobile devices, regardless of make, model or operating system. Already the basis for many Wi-Fi networks, FortiGate appliances provide secure BYOD access for all of your corporate applications. Controlling and securing your BYOD solution has never been easier.

Ruckus Wireless: For BYOD capabilities over wider distances or environments requiring greater bandwidth capacities, Ruckus Wireless is the solution of choice. Ruckus removes the headaches typically associated with accessing mixed LAN/WAN environments, 4G hybrid access and meshed networks. Ruckus SPoT, the industry’s first cloud-based BYOD service, uses location-based technology to deliver a wide-range of value-added services for carriers, service providers and enterprises. Let us show you how you can increase your profitability while enhancing users’ BYOD experiences.

Aerohive: Keeping track of a multitude of BYOD users with different requirements is Aerohive’s forte. Guests, management, staff, students or the public. Aerohive’s advanced capabilities, which complement and extend the functionality of the FortiGate appliances, fast-tract and facilitate building and enforcing appropriate use policies for your BYOD initiative.

Ubiquiti: Ubiquiti’s cost effective BYOD solutions can supercharge your network with little overhead. Using a client/server-based virtual controller, you can add amazing BYOD capabilities without new controller hardware. Talk to us if your current network can’t support fast, secure and cost-effective BYOD

Professional Services: NORRCOM’s team of experts will uncover your BYOD requirements, evaluate your current network and support capabilities, specify, install and configure any additional equipment, train your staff and get you and your team up and running. We’ll give you a firm quote and stick to it. BYOD is no mystery to us. So it won’t be to you.

On-going Support: We won’t leave you hanging. We’ll provide full training and help you develop an acceptable use policy. We can upgrade your equipment (and it’s always improving) on a regular basis. We can monitor compliance from our BYOD control centre and alert you to any issues before they become a problem. With NORRCOM, your BYOD network will empower your users to work anywhere, anytime.

Getting started

It’s as easy as a phone call or email. Our details are below. If you want to take charge of your technology, extend your network, increase productivity and maximise your investment, you should be talking to us.