Remote Support

Norrcom offer a fully staffed help desk capable of providing remote support for all major internal systems. Our team unlike other providers is geographically located across the country and is skilled on ALL major platforms such as:


The bread an butter of any ICT company, NORRCOM work with several products to work remotely explaining and helping by taking control of your device. Often issues that are major to our customer can easily be fixed via a session connecting to your computer


NORRCOM as a matter of course setup remote access to servers to allow us access to troubleshoot, we can accomplish anything remotely we could locally (providing there is an internet connection) This includes server maintenance, user definition, print groups, shared access etc etc.


We can access any network device on your network and if we sold it we will be able to access it (There are several budget grade switches that do not allow or provide remote access)


Again if we sold it we can configure it and maintain it remotely, several domestic appliances do not provide this level of support


We already look after dozens of firewall appliances remotely, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Watchguard, Cisco, Juniper and Microtik


We use a suite of best of brand software to deliver our remote support package