As the new school year approaches many teachers are busy sorting out classroom displays, groups, furniture and having a series of meetings to prepare for the first day.  With the changes taking place in education we know that many teachers will be moving into foreign ground of collaborative teaching environments.  Some teachers will have new custom made buildings, others will be trying to make the best out of already existing buildings.  But what do we really need to consider when going into these environments? How do we work with others when I have taught solely in a room for 10 plus years?  Who takes charge?  What role do I have as a beginning teacher?  These along with many other questions will be floating around in your head.  

For some teachers it is an exciting journey faced with opportunity and challenges.  For other teachers the shift is horrifying, hard and impossible.  How are schools ensuring that the needs of all teachers are being meet?  All of these questions I do not have the answer to.  But, it is important that leadership, teachers and community understand

The shift is necessary to ensure that our students, future leaders of this world are prepared for society.  Simon Sinek explains it fantastically in this this clip.

As you approach the new school year I challenge you in whatever you are doing in your classroom to start with the WHY.