Apple education software


As Apple devices became more popular in schools, the need to best deploy devices across school but still retaining Apple IDs and the purchasing of apps. Apple, of course, looked to solve these issues and introduced various programs and services to take device management one step further, making it easier and more cost effective to manage devices in bulk.

Norrcom has Apple education software with options

To help you maximize the impact of Apple technology in education and deliver a personalized learning experience to each and every student, Norrcom offer  solutions that are made for the modern classroom and Mac lab. If you are offering a 1-to-1 iPad initiative or a shared-device model, we have the software that can help not hinder the management, giving you more time to teach. Norrcom and Apple helps schools engage with students in new ways and deliver an active learning environment with iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices.

Our Solutions

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

This automated enrollment process allows you to configure any Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV purchased from Apple or an Apple authorized reseller and customize each device for your users all without ever having to touch the device. Hardware purchases are associated with your Apple customer number or reseller ID and linked with DEP to automatically enroll a device into management under an Apple management solution.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

With VPP, you can purchase and license apps and books in bulk from Apple, and distribute them to individuals via Apple ID or directly to devices without an Apple ID. Apps can be later reassigned as deployment needs change. You can link a VPP token (received from Apple) to your MDM solution for assignment and distribution. If you’re an education institution, your VPP instance is built directly within Apple School Manager.

Device Supervision

Supervision is a special mode iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices are placed into when enrolled via DEP or Apple Configurator. Supervision gives institutions greater control over the mobile devices they own. A large number of management features including Managed Lost Mode, blocking apps and silently installing apps all require supervision. It is recommended that corporate-owned and school-owned devices be put into supervision mode.

Apple IDs

Apple IDs are the personal account credentials users use to access Apple services such as the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage and more. Depending on the needs of your school, your  end users can leverage their Apple ID on the job, or you can avoid using Apple IDs altogether.

Apple School Manager

Launched in 2017, Apple School Manager is a web based portal for IT administrators to oversee people, devices and content – all from one place. Exclusively for education, Apple School Manager combines DEP, VPP and other classroom management tools, such as the Classroom app, in one portal. Apple School Manager enables Managed Apple IDs and Shared iPad and can be integrated with your school’s student information system (SIS).

Classroom App

An instructional tool for iPad, Apple’s Classroom app empowers teachers to streamline classroom instruction, encourage interaction and collaboration, focus student iPad devices on a specific app or webpage, and view student devices to check for understanding. Shared iPad By offering students a personalized learning experience, Shared iPad extends the value of an iPad device. Several students, each with their own unique ID, can log in and out while their apps, content and work stay intact. Shared iPad is only available for education institutions and requires Apple School Manager.

Managed Apple IDs

For schools, Managed Apple IDs are a special type of Apple ID for students. They don’t require special permission, and they allow you, as an IT admin, to create and dynamically update user information. Managed Apple IDs are created in the Apple School Manager portal and can sync with Classroom data, as well as your school’s SIS.

Apple creates products designed to inspire the minds of teachers and students.

With Norrcom and Apple in the hands of students, they have the tools to excite and challenge. Students love iPads and Macs as it works and excites. It helps them explore subjects in ways they never even dreamt of, with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging. Packed with power, Apple helps students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, all they need are the tools.

Norrcom and why we think Apple have it covered

Norrcom love working with Apple and we enjoy helping schools enhance their teaching and learning with Apple technology. We are an Apple Solutions Expert in Education with over 10 years’ experience and a leading partner that supports educational establishments across New Zealand helping to transform teaching and learning outcomes.

Our experience and our team of Apple experts means that we can support every consideration for a successful Apple deployment.