Apple iPads and Mac integration

iPad and Mac integrate seamlessly into your learning environment

iPad and Mac integrate seamlessly into your learning environment

Whether you’re planning a brand-new deployment or adding Apple devices into your existing infrastructure, iPad and Mac fit right in. And now with Microsoft Azure Active Directory support, it’s easier than ever to provide your students and staff with access to key Apple services for teaching and learning. All the apps and services your teachers and students need every day, like Google Drive and Microsoft Office, are available on iPad. And with the countless creative tools iPad offers, students are empowered to express their learning any way they like.

Apple creates products designed to inspire the minds of teachers and students.

With Norrcom and Apple in the hands of students, they have the tools to excite and challenge. Students love iPads and Macs as it works and excites. It helps them explore subjects in ways they never even dreamt of, with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging. Packed with power, Apple helps students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, all they need are the tools.

Norrcom and why we think Apple have it covered

Norrcom love working with Apple and we enjoy helping schools enhance their teaching and learning with Apple technology. We are an Apple Solutions Expert in Education with over 10 years’ experience and a leading partner that supports educational establishments across New Zealand helping to transform teaching and learning outcomes.

Our experience and our team of Apple experts means that we can support every consideration for a successful Apple deployment.