Teacher training with Norrcom is easy and builds upon your existing skill set, helping you navigate and learn,

inspiring not lecturing, opening your pathway to a better and more fruitful Apple experience.

Apple Professional Learning

Designed by educators for educators and delivered only by Apple Professional Learning Specialists, APL workshops can be single or multiple hands-on days using high quality resources created by Apple. Our Partner Seed has a great understanding of education and is a fully certified APLS. Because they are educators themselves, which is so important when delivering APL sessions. Our workshops are designed to show how the use of Apple technologies can enhance the learning environment in a way that makes the technology transparent.

Norrcom Helping in all aspects of training

Managed Services

With our first class managed services for Schools, the onsite training included is ideal for all levels of the staffing team. An agreed curriculum for the term is broken down to a number of days which is then spread across the number of devices. Norrcom and its partners will plan your training program with you and set out a clear vision across all Key Stages and subject areas. Each module is planned, delivered and reviewed and repeated if necessary.

To help you maximize the impact of Apple technology in education and deliver a personalized learning experience to each and every student, Norrcom offer  solutions that are made for the modern classroom and Mac lab. If you are offering a 1-to-1 iPad initiative or a shared-device model, we have the software that can help not hinder the management, giving you more time to teach.

MDM and Apps

As Apple devices became more popular in schools, the need to best deploy devices across school but still retaining Apple IDs and the purchasing of apps. Apple, of course, looked to solve these issues and introduced various programs and services to take device management one step further, making it easier and more cost effective to manage devices in bulk. These programs and systems have a life of their own and have grown into what is now a complex system. Norrcom provide hands on 1 on 1 training in all aspects of the MDM, no other company does this.

Apple creates products designed to inspire the minds of teachers and students.

With Norrcom and Apple in the hands of students, they have the tools to excite and challenge. Students love iPads and Macs as it works and excites. It helps them explore subjects in ways they never even dreamt of, with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging. Packed with power, Apple helps students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, all they need are the tools.

Norrcom and why we think Apple have it covered

Norrcom love working with Apple and we enjoy helping schools enhance their teaching and learning with Apple technology. We are an Apple Solutions Expert in Education with over 10 years’ experience and a leading partner that supports educational establishments across New Zealand helping to transform teaching and learning outcomes.

Our experience and our team of Apple experts means that we can support every consideration for a successful Apple deployment.