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When you need tech support, we've got you covered.

The IT industry is constantly evolving, with new software releases, system updates and patches, and more powerful hardware coming out all the time. Along with these changes come increased risks from hackers and competition, as well as the growing use of Wi-Fi, BYOD, and the Cloud. You have two options: try to keep up with these rapid changes on your own or trust the experts at Norrcom to manage your IT support needs. If you have a dedicated and highly-trained team that can proactively maintain and upgrade your systems around the clock, you’re in a good position. But if you’re struggling to find the right people, don’t have the resources to invest in routine maintenance and training, or have experienced changes in staff capabilities, it’s time to consider Norrcom.
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Norrcom specialists help you address your security needs.

Get North Island-wide coverage from our trusted IT team.

The Norrcom tech support team is always just a phone call or email away, ready to help you with any issues that may arise. With remote log-in capabilities, we can diagnose problems in real-time, no matter where your infrastructure is located. If hands-on intervention is required, we will dispatch a technician as soon as possible to get you back up and running. Our clients are important to us, which is why we offer 24/7 support and always have a live human voice available to answer calls during business hours.
If you have a 24/7 service level agreement with us, you’ll be connected with one of our on-call technicians for immediate assistance. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and support, no matter the time or place.
Norrcom North Island Coverage

Maximize your technology capabilities with our skilled team.

At Norrcom, our technical team has the expertise to fully support your infrastructure without causing disruptions to your business. Our team is composed of highly-trained and certified specialists in a variety of areas, including servers, desktops and mobile devices, network cabling and switches, operating systems and application software, security and storage, and cloud deployment. We partner with top vendors and maintain close relationships with local and international partners to bring you the best solutions available. In addition to providing full training, documentation, and ongoing maintenance and support, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for your needs.

Expect exceptional personal service every time you contact our team.

At Norrcom, we believe that people drive business relationships, which is why we prioritize personalized, approachable, and professional service. Our service level agreements (SLAs) receive our undivided attention, as we always answer every phone call, reply to every email, and follow through on our commitments. We understand the importance of meeting the requirements set out in the SLA and take great care to ensure that we follow them to the letter.
Norrcom Cloud solutions

Simplify your transition to the cloud with our expert guidance.

More and more Kiwi businesses are turning to third-party data centers to offload some of their tech capabilities. Applications like Google Apps, Xero,, and Microsoft 365 are already using the cloud to deliver their services. As the use of the cloud becomes more widespread, the information on your screen may come from multiple locations, including overseas. Let Norrcom be your ‘cloud broker’ and help you decentralize your tech capabilities, offload what you can, and manage what remains. The cloud can be secure, fast, and cost-effective when done correctly, and we can show you how.

Get expert assistance for your special projects from our team.

If you have an IT support team in place, special projects can still be a challenge. Hardware upgrades, application migrations, database redesigns, and other time-consuming tasks can take your tech support team away from their regular responsibilities. At Norrcom, we can help. We will come on site, handle the work, test and train, and hand over management, all without disrupting productivity. We offer fixed cost pricing and a firm timeline, so you know exactly what to expect. That’s the Norrcom promise

Get proactive support for your school or business with our managed services.

Instead of handling all of your tech solutions in-house, consider our managed services. By installing remote ‘agents’ on your hardware and applications, we can continuously monitor performance. If we see any issues, we can take action right away. We offer a browser-based dashboard so you can track activity, and we provide full reports detailing our work. Plus, we will suggest any upgrades or enhancements to prevent disruptions in service. Get proactive support for your school or business with our managed services.

Customize your IT service with our flexible service level agreements.

At Norrcom, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service for the products we sell. We offer a variety of service level agreements (SLAs) that can be customized to fit your specific needs. With the right SLA, we will ensure that your network and applications are always running smoothly and efficiently. Options include 24/7 help desk support, technicians on call for mission-critical infrastructure, business hours help desk support, regularly scheduled technician service calls for maintenance and security upgrades, and remote management of servers and network performance. We can work alongside your internal IT team, take full charge of your networks, or simply keep your systems up-to-date. Whatever model works best for you, we are here to help.